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We Focus On Education, Planning, & Positive Health Habits to Help You Reach Your Health Goals



Free Intermittent Fasting Course

New FREE one week Facebook course! PM us on Messenger, comment on our Facebook page, or email us at [email protected] to register. We will share info regarding the various methods of Intermittent Fasting, OMAD, and more! Begins July 8th! Make sure to register so we can add you to the private FB group.

**Make sure that you are in good health or have been given the okay by your physician before beginning Intermittent Fasting, any dietary program, or exercise. The Intermittent Fasting course is for your information only and not meant to replace the advice of a medical provider. The Wellness Gals, LLC and its owners are not responsible for any health-related injuries or damages and you agree not to hold the company or owners/employees responsible if you sign up for the IF Facebook Course.

Intermittent Fasting Course

Live Well

Do you feel that there is more you could do to feel energetic, be productive, to make healthier choices, or to BE HAPPIER ? Ever wonder what positive changes you could make to improve your overall health--physical, mental, and emotional?  We can assist you to make changes that are customized just for you!

Live Fit

We can help you to find the activities to make physical fitness enjoyable, based on YOUR perception, not ours!  If you don't enjoy your workouts, you won't do them!

Live Healthy

Good health is more than being thin.  Good health includes physical wellness (not just the absence of disease), emotional well-being, and being social with family, friends, and others.  Good health is enjoying your life and being able to do the activities that make your life meaningful.

Let us help you on your life's journey!

What We Do

Together with our experience and education, The Wellness Gals (Staci and Donna) can discuss with our clients (that's you!) what your goals are related to good health and devise a plan to motivate you to positive health behaviors.  We can determine what your Learning Style(s) is(are) to facilitate your best understanding, using evidence-based models to help you recognize your weaknesses and excuses, negative health behaviors, and YOUR positive health goals. We then will design a plan to motivate you on a path to a healthier life!  Staci can design a fitness plan for you to increase cardiovascular health, muscle strength, weight loss, and a more energetic YOUWE COME TO YOU--VIA PHONE, VIDEO CHAT, EMAIL OR IN-PERSON (IN SOME AREAS).

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Personalized Fitness Programs
Personalized Fitness Programs