What Does a Health and Wellness Educator Do?

Some of you may be wondering what a Health and Wellness Educator/Wellness RN does. According to the American College of Education (ACE) and my alma mater:

“A growing need exists for educators who know and engage others in considering health topics, who utilize effective ways to teach and train providers, and who can deliver content to an audience with a range of needs, either within the healthcare industry or school environments to promote healthy life choices. This requires the ability to assess community or organizational needs, determine program priorities, and create and deliver educational content in a manner that can be evaluated for effectiveness whether it is in the public or private sector,” (“All ACE Programs,” 2018).

My goal is to work with individuals who want to understand and overcome their negative health behaviors. Health Educators use evidence-based and research-proven models and theories to assist in this (nothing weird, lol). I can also help you understand your chronic physical conditions better (always refer to your doctor for treatment, however), design a program to assist you based on your learning style and goals, increase your health literacy, discuss and coordinate referrals to specialists that may facilitate your goals, and encourage and motivate you to reach those goals. My goal is to assist you to LEARN and LIVE a quality, healthier life by understanding who you are and why. Many things influence us throughout our lives: family, friends, values, behaviors, practices, cultural beliefs, perceptions, society. Many of us have positive experiences with these influences but we can also pick up negative behaviors. Maybe you know someone who picked up smoking because their friend or parent smokes. That is an example of influence. Or have you ever thought you understood a topic but years later found out you had the information all wrong? It happens to all of us, especially if it is info learned at a young age. Even the Internet is not always the most reliable source of ACCURATE information! These are a few examples of what a Health and Wellness Educator can assist you with.

Also, Staci Wirthlin Florschutz, BS in Exercise and Sports Science, will be assisting clients via phone or video conferencing to make the most of physical activity—let Staci custom-design a fitness plan for you! (Included in initial consultation if desired; follow-ups with Staci as noted below).

Price List:

45 Minute Initial Consultation $50

30 Minute Follow-up sessions $35

15 Minute Follow-up sessions $20

Bundle Package Pricing: 45 Minute Initial Consultation and Three 30 Minute (once weekly) follow-up sessions: $135 when paid up front. Savings of $20.

Small Business Employee Health Plans coming soon! Give your employees and your business a healthy boost!

Military Veterans, Senior Citizens age 60+, and College Students (all with verified ID) receive a 10% discount for services.

Group Health and Wellness Classes to be announced! Employers or organizations—we are available for presentations. Please contact us via email: [email protected]