Health and Wellness Plans

We work with you to help you achieve your goals--TEAMWORK!  How do we do this?  By discussing with you what your idea of a quality lifestyle is--better fitness, better sleep, weight loss, understanding why you perform certain negative health behaviors, and more.  Being healthy isn't about being a certain number on the scale; it is having improved quality of physical, mental, and emotional health and enjoying life (well, at least most of the time). Some of what we offer:

*Physical Fitness Programs Designed For You

*Health Behavior Modification

*Health Education and Plans

*Small Business Employee Wellness Programs--Customized 


How We Assist You

We aren't a "one-size fits all" business--we know that each individual has different perspectives, experiences, culture, upbringing, and learning styles.  At your initial appointment, we will discuss with you what your goals are, what you know about those goals and related topics, how you learn, and what you have tried in the past.  From there, we will design curriculum/education/or fitness activities to get you started on your path.  At each follow up phone call or video session, we will evaluate your progress and "tweak" the program if needed.

*We do not make diagnoses or prescribe medications.  Please check with your physician before beginning ANY fitness activity or nutrition program.

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Health and Wellness Employee Plans for Small Business

Would you like to assist your employees to be healthier, thereby decreasing absenteeism and increasing productivity?  We can discuss your concerns (and those of employees), assess, design, and implement a wellness plan for your small business!  This also includes formative and summative evaluations to determine the success of the program and any changes that need to be made.  Email us for information and pricing!


45 Minute Initial Appointment (via phone or video conference): $50 (One to two health issues to be addressed)

30 Minute Follow-Up Appointments: $35

15 Minute Follow-Ups Appointments: $20

Bundle Package (Initial appointment and Three (3) 30 Minute (once weekly) Appointments: $135 (savings of $20)

60 Minute Group Class Presentations on Health, Wellness, or Fitness $125

Customized Fitness Workout Plan (includes Discussion, Custom Video, Suggested Equipment & One 30 Minute Follow-up) $75

Small Business Employee Wellness Plan: Contact us via email for pricing

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